Biodiversity Walks

Picture7Acknowledging the fact that the youth today is increasingly at risk of getting detached from nature, NESFAS organises biodiversity walks for schools and colleges in nearby forests. The knowledge holders of the communities guide these walks and introduce their group to the various edible and medicinal plants. They pass on their knowledge of wild edibles and herbs and their uses. Through these walks at least 100 wild plants were documented and catalogued. The activity has been recognised as a successful tool for practical education and is to be connected to local knowledge bank systems.

Four biodiversity walks were conducted between March 2013 and March 2014. In the East Khasi Hills District, biodiversity walks were conducted in Pungweikyian, Mawshamok and Tyrna. One biodiversity walk was carried out at Umlangkhraw in the Ri-Bhoi District. Each walk was followed by a complimentary cooking session. The sessions inspired the communities of Tyrna and Mawshamok so much that they decided to serve wild edibles at the local schools as part of the Midday Meals.

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