The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty

The Indigenous Partnership’s mission is to improve ways of linking indigenous people and local communities interested in pursuing self-determined development. We facilitate such communities in taking a leadership role in agrobiodiversity dialogues.

We work to promote a dialogue between indigenous people, agricultural research and advocacy groups. We act as an instrument for communication between diverse indigenous groups, and eventually develops a mechanism to promote this local knowledge so it can have a place on the agenda of international research and advocacy bodies.

The Rural Electrification Corporation

The Rural Electrification Corporation’s Foundation (RECF) has been funding social development projects for the last five years across India in the fields of sanitation and hygiene facilities, promotion of healthcare, skill development, women empowerment, environmental sustainability and rural infrastructural development. RECF is aiming to support long-term, sustainable and innovative solutions such the “No One Shall be left Behind” program implemented by NESFAS to ensure a significant impact on the development space.