The Staff

Dr. Carl O. Rangad: Vice Chairman, Operations

Xavier Sunn: Sr. Associate, Administration & Finance

Samaresh Ranjan Das: Finance Manager

Pius Ranee: Sr. Associate, Agroecology & Habitat & Infrastructure Development

Janak Preet Singh: Sr. Associate, Livelihood Initiatives

Merrysha Nongrum: Associate, Community Initiatives

Sujata Chettri: Associate, Accounts

Evangelene Synrem: Office Secretary

Fabian M. Dkhar: Office Secretary

Regina Ranee: Housekeeping

Jessica Rani: Housekeeping

Evarity Sungoh:  Jr. Associate, Community Initiatives

Alethea Kordor Lyngdoh: Jr. Associate, Communications

Wankyrshan Warshong: Gardener

Arm Kharbuki: Gardener

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