The Staff

Dr. Carl O. Rangad

Vice Chairman, Operations




          Dr. Melari Nongrum

Executive Director


Pius Ranee

Sr. Associate, Agroecology & Habitat & Infrastructure Development



Janak Preet Singh

Sr. Associate, Livelihood Initiatives


Merrysha Nongrum 

Associate, Community Initiatives



Dr. Bhogtoram Mawroh

Sr. Associate, Research and Knowledge Management



Sujata Chettri

Sujata Chettri

Associate, Accounts


Alethea Kordor Lyngdoh

Jr. Associate, Communications




Fabian M. Dkhar

Office Secretary



Jessica Rani




Regina Ranee





Wankyrshan Warshong: Gardener

Arm Kharbuki: Gardener

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