Garo Hills communities exchange saplings to increase diversity

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Seed Saplings Exchange

Monoculture has proven to be both a blessing and boon for some farmers across several areas in Meghalaya. However, this type of farming goes against traditional farming and also ensures no crop diversity in that particular area. Continue reading

Meghalaya’s Resilience in the face of COVID-19: The Beekeeper’s story

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Beekeeping of Meghalaya

‘Bees’- the Earth’s busiest and most fascinating creatures—probably don’t realise the amount of work they do, and they do more than just produce honey. While these tiny insects go about causally foraging, they pollinate a significant amount of the world’s … Continue reading

Madanritiang community aims to revive, save old local traditional seeds

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NESFAS always aimed to connect people to the pleasure of tasty, healthy, local food that is inseparable from people’s responsibility towards the environment and the preservation of agrobiodiversity. The NESFAS team had recently organized an awareness campaign in Madanritiang about … Continue reading

Agroecology Pre and Post COVID-19: An opportunity to advance sustainable food systems

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NESFAS in collaboration with The Indigenous Partnership (TIP) held an online conference with Dr Francisco J. Rosado-May of the Mayan Intercultural University of Quantana Roo, Mexico on October 19, 2020. He presented a lecture on agroecology and how indigenous communities … Continue reading

NESFAS Partner Communities Celebrate World Food Day

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World Food Day

World Food Day, a day dedicated to tackle world hunger, is annually celebrated on October 16, 2020 globally. To commemorate this day, the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) along with its partner organisations — Society for Urban … Continue reading

Infants identify wild edibles, plants on ABD walk in Garo Hills

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Children have always been known to be silent observers and are great imitators of people who are older than them. Across the globe, schools have been shut because of the ongoing pandemic, thus, leaving kids with ample time to do … Continue reading