Food Security and Nutrition through Forest and Family Farming

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Mr Roy vocalizes his belief that Indigenous Peoples have a lesson for all of us today at the event on ‘Forest and Family Farming for Food Security and Nutrition’ co-organised by FAO and the FFF in partnership with the Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty and the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development Continue reading

A partnership forged

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As NESFAS grows in strength in Meghalaya and fortifies its hold in Nagaland, we continuously make efforts to reach out to other states of the North East Region of India. A significant step in that direction was made with NESFAS’s participation in the 21st Ordinary Diocesan Council meet at Tezpur, Assam. Continue reading

Report on India’s tribal population kept under wraps

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Tribal communities have historically faced the brunt of the state’s development agenda. It seems the attitude of the government towards the tribal communities has changed little over the years. Continue reading

Terra Madre Day @ NESFAS HQ

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The NESFAS staff and a few Board Members celebrated Terra Madre Day together with an eat in on the 17th of December at the NESFAS HQ, Shillong. Continue reading

Biocultural Diversity Combats Climate Change

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From the Saami in Europe, to the Maori in New Zealand, indigenous communities are creating and maintaining rich biocultural landscapes. A biocultural landscape is a holistic system of culture and nature that has been shaped by human management over long … Continue reading

5 Must-see Festivals From the Northeast

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Mei Ram-ew (or Terra Madre, meaning mother earth) held in Meghalaya in December, gets its inspiration from the Slow Food movement and is modelled on the lines of the global Terra Madre festivals. Continue reading