A glimpse of Terra Madre 2014

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The Terra Madre 2014 as documented by Tridip Mandal, Executive Producer at CNN-IBN. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekL_FpTRK1U&spfreload=10 (posted by IBN Live on YouTube) Nesfas

NESFAS Delegates to Terra Madre 2014 Speak

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The NESFAS delegates speak about being a part of the Salone del Gusto e Terra Madre 2014. Continue reading

The 7th Class

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The recipes of the dishes to be taught VII, at the William Lewis Boy’s Home, Mawphlang read – sautéed mushrooms and peas, fried minced chicken with beetroot sauce, mixed tomato salad with gras snut (locally known as sohphlang) and chicken … Continue reading

Monsanto is about to sue an entire country

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From THE SUM OF US email: What happens when small farmers in Guatemala save seeds from one year to the next, as they have for centuries? They get up to four years in prison. That’s according to the “Monsanto Law,” … Continue reading

Community Garden Harvest – The Last Distribution

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The Community Garden Initiative completed its first phase on the 21st of October with the delivery of the last harvest to the families living in Punjabi Line, Lum Sohra. The families were selected to be the recipients of the Community … Continue reading

Moving Forward – The Kids Kitchen

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The 6th class started with a brief introduction to the dishes the boys were going to be cooking that day – Ja-ut (a local herb with a distinctly fresh aroma) mashed potatoes, potato chops, smoked pork veggie stew and flavoured dry fried beans. Continue reading