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Langar: A Service to Humanity

Since the dawn of civilisation, food has been a predominant element in the story of human evolution. Be it the crucial switch from hunting-gathering to agriculture or when the search for spices led to the discovery of a whole new … Continue reading

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It starts at home, the community, the school, and with school garden .

Workshop: Collective Action to revive indigenous food systems through School Garden. Over the course of interaction with the communities, a concern was raised for having a safe space where people can come together and start discussing about their concerns and … Continue reading

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Khweng Community steps forward for PRA

PRA or Participatory Rapid Appraisal as a tool empowers local people in taking active roles in studying their habitat, environment, strength and weaknesses. Identifying priorities for development activities within the community is an important aspect of PRA exercises. Possible options … Continue reading

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