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NESFAS Held its First Ever Mei-Ramew Market

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  On 7th April 2017, NESFAS hosted its first ever Mei-Ramew Market, which connected the people with local farmers in a mutually beneficial exchange. The event gave locals a rare chance to directly interact with the farmers as opposed to just … Continue reading

Green gold for farmers empowerment

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For the last couple of years, a great deal of awareness on health consciousness among the people around Meghalaya has risen. It has led them to insist eating primarily on clean food. Today, most of the food bought from the … Continue reading

In an impressive fossil fuels travel day, I left the Standing Rock reservation and flew to Italy for the International Slow Food gathering known as Terra Madre. A world congress of harvesters, farmers, chefs and political leaders, this is basically … Continue reading

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By Phrang Roy Indigenous peoples constitute one of the largest excluded and marginalized peoples of the world. Their population around the world is estimated to be around 370 million, more than the total US population of 311 million and more … Continue reading

All-rounder Millets on Rural People’s Plates Since the Sangam Period

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Millets formed a major part of the food people in rural areas consumed until recently. In fact, in remote villages of Tamil Nadu, food items made of millets were staple food and rice was consumed occasionally. They had nelluchoru (food … Continue reading

Indigenous diets can help fight modern illnesses, say health experts.
Traditional food consumed by rural communities contain nutrients that are lacking in high and middle-income countries

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Unprecedented levels of chronic non-communicable diseases are prompting calls to revert to the diets of our ancestors to regain lost nutrients. It is believed that such a shift would help to improve society’s relationship with the Earth and restore human … Continue reading