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COVID 19-oni Tangrikani: NESFAS Advisor-ni Talatani

NESFAS dol jensalo u∙iani rongdikan gapgipa aro Ku∙pattigipa aro skie ra∙anina, niksamsoe nama ja∙ku de∙dilanina aro dingtanganiko ra∙bana chol on∙gipa, Pa Rathindra Nath Roy, porikka ka∙e nianio positive ong∙e sal 17-na quarantine dongani ja∙mano COVID-19 negative ong∙aha ine parakaton ritchengatako … Continue reading

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Aman A•song Café owner pioneers using local ingredients in the kitchen

Local resources and local ingredients are a fundamental step towards an integrated indigenous food system. Hendri G Momin, café owner of Aman A•song (Mei-Ramew Café), Garo Hills, launched the café in 2019 after the intervention made by NESFAS. Momin has … Continue reading

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Garo Hills communities exchange saplings to increase diversity

Monoculture has proven to be both a blessing and boon for some farmers across several areas in Meghalaya. However, this type of farming goes against traditional farming and also ensures no crop diversity in that particular area. Continue reading

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Infants identify wild edibles, plants on ABD walk in Garo Hills

Children have always been known to be silent observers and are great imitators of people who are older than them. Across the globe, schools have been shut because of the ongoing pandemic, thus, leaving kids with ample time to do … Continue reading

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NESFAS associate represents organization at international e-conference

It was a great honor and privilege for the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) when their Associate from Garo Hills Chenxiang Rimchi N Marak was invited to speak as a resource person at an international E-Conference of … Continue reading

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Reviving an old lost indigenous seed in Garo Hills

The cultivation of indigenous crops has the potential to make agriculture climate-smart, genetically diverse and sustainable and that was the key-motivating factor for Aipil R Marak, a custodian farmer in Mandal Nokwat of Garo Hills.
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