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The 7th Class

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The recipes of the dishes to be taught VII, at the William Lewis Boy’s Home, Mawphlang read – sautéed mushrooms and peas, fried minced chicken with beetroot sauce, mixed tomato salad with gras snut (locally known as sohphlang) and chicken … Continue reading

Moving Forward – The Kids Kitchen

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The 6th class started with a brief introduction to the dishes the boys were going to be cooking that day – Ja-ut (a local herb with a distinctly fresh aroma) mashed potatoes, potato chops, smoked pork veggie stew and flavoured dry fried beans. Continue reading

Cooking Class V – A Recap and More..

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Accompanied by Miss Phidarilin Uriah, Associate Trainee, NESFAS, and a fresh menu, Esther M Sawian, Dept. of Flavour Development, NESFAS, set off for the Boys’ Home, Ambrit House, Mawphlang on 27th September, to get the 5th class on the road. … Continue reading

Class IV- The Kids Kitchen

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The lessons got more complex as The Kids Kitchen Initiative entered stage IV on the 13th of September. Esther M Sawian from the flavour development department, NESFAS, who has been at the helm of this initiative introduced the boys of … Continue reading

Day III – Kid’s Kitchen Initiative

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The third phase of the weekly cooking class programme initiated by NESFAS at William Lewis Boys’ Home, Mawphlang, took off successfully on the 23rd of August despite the absence of the caretaker, the warden and of three of the boys … Continue reading

Carrot Rice with Caramelized Onions and Cashew nuts

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Ingredients: Carrots- 2 Onions- 3 (2 chopped finely and 1 into rings) Rice- 250 Gms Oil- 2 tbsp Water- 400 ml Prep: • Wash the carrots and onions. • Grate the carrots finely and chop the onions finely and into … Continue reading