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“Beekeeping for livelihood and sustainable agricultural development” focus of 2017

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Honeybee Meghalaya

“Beekeeping for livelihood and sustainable agricultural development” is the theme of the “World Honey Bee Day” 2017 that was celebrated in Meghalaya, India. The “World Honey Bee Day” was celebrated on 19 August 2017. It was organised by the Directorate of … Continue reading

Slow-motion video reveals the hidden beauty of pollination

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Louie Schwartzberg uses high-speed cameras and time-lapse photography to reveal the amazing world of flowers and the process of pollination. By Jaymi Heimbuch Louie Schwartzberg is a renowned cinematographer who captures the beauty of nature in unexpected ways. His works … Continue reading

Policies and pollinators: How the feds deepen the precipitous decline of monarchs

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Krista Langlois The numbers are in from Mexico, and they ain’t pretty. Every fall, monarch butterflies fly thousands of miles from the Great Plains to their winter grounds in central Mexico, where they’re scrupulously counted by the World Wildlife Fund. … Continue reading

Growing insects: Farmers can help bring back pollinators

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With a sharp decline in pollinating insects, farmers are being encouraged to grow flowering plants that can support these important insects. It’s a fledgling movement that could help restore pollinators essential for world food production. by Richard Conniff For the … Continue reading

Bee Colony Collapse: What’s going on?

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All elements of an ecosystem are crucial, and play their own distinct part in the holistic functioning of that ecosystem. If you remove one element it could cause a certain level of devastation, and the system will naturally need to … Continue reading

Organic Farms Support A Third More Species

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Organic farms support more biodiversity, supporting 34% more plant, insect and animal species than conventional farms, according to a new paper. For pollinators such as bees, the number of different species was 50% higher on organic farms, although the authors … Continue reading