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Terra Madre Day at Laitsohpliah and Pyrda

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  Laitsohpliah RCLP/UP School and Pyrda Holy Family RCLP School celebrated Terra Madre day on 15th and 18th December, respectively. These days were selected based on the fact that the final results of the school children were declared on those days … Continue reading

Wahsohra LP SSA School join in on the Terra Madre Day Celebrations

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  To celebrate Terra Madre Day, the school children and teachers of Wahsohra LP SSA school – East Khasi Hills District, organised an interactive workshop on the importance of Seed Selection, Storage and their Usage followed by a drawing session on … Continue reading

The Kids Kitchen Cook for Terra Madre Day

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The Kids Kitchen Initiative (KKI), a brain-child of NESFAS, started in the year 2014 with the aim to teach children how to cook based on the concept of Good Clean and Fair. A visit to the  William Lewis Boys Home … Continue reading

Pot-Luck on Terra Madre Day @ NESFAS HQ

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10th december has been celebrated world wide as Terra Madre Day for the last six years. It is marked by celebration of traditional, Local and Indigenous foods mingled with the joy of sharing it. Locally known as Mei – Ramew Day … Continue reading

Lairsluid LP School – Ribhoi Celebrates Terra Madre Day

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In keeping the Terra Madre Day, the school children and teachers of Lairsluid LP School – Ribhoi organized a cleaning drive in and around the school premises on the on 6th/December/2015. It was a simple gesture to remind themselves about … Continue reading

Terra Madre Day @ NESFAS HQ

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The NESFAS staff and a few Board Members celebrated Terra Madre Day together with an eat in on the 17th of December at the NESFAS HQ, Shillong. Continue reading