NESFAS Delegates to Terra Madre 2014 Speak

The NESFAS stall at Terra Madre

The NESFAS stall at Terra Madre

The NESFAS delegates speak about being a part of the Salone del Gusto e Terra Madre 2014.

SENO TSUHAH, Nagaland- I am very happy to be here and I feel like I can work closer with the communities.

JANAK PREET SINGH, NESFAS staff – I can see the entire world and its diversity both culture and food in one place, it is like visiting the entire world in a day.

MARKUS RANEE, NESFAS staff- I am very excited to be here. The preparation and event arrangement is good.

DHARMEN G MOMIN, Garo Hills, Meghalaya – I am excited to be here because I am going to showcase my products from Garo hills.

ROIBHAI SAYOO, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya – I am very happy to be in the conference and I want to learn more about the programme.

RIKYNTI SYIEM, Ri Bhoi District Meghalaya – I am very happy to get this opportunity to get to see different cultures and lifestyle of other people and to be around them to meet them and also to showcase my own culture.

DANIEL SYIEM, Fashion Designer, Meghalaya – This is a new thing for me and I would like to connect and the local food and fashion, since I am into traditional textile.

JOEL BASUMATARI, Chef, Nagaland – There is a difference sense of pride to be in slow food Terra Madre and I am very honored to be part of NESFAS and I hope that I get an opportunity to meet producers and Chefs in order to create a network.

WANSALAN PASSAH, NESFAS Staff – It’s an honour to be part of communities of this world who are saving the ‘good, clean and fair food’ for all of us to survive.

DOROTHY SYIEMIONG, Director, Department of Agriculture, Meghalaya – Terra Madre is a place where people are aware about local food and how to preserve it. It is a good platform to promote endangered species and encourage chemical free food.

BIBHUDUTTA SAHU, NESFAS staff – It is an enormous experience to be in Terra Madre, to notice different food practices and food systems. We have the groups from the civil society, government officials, community, chefs, designers and the staffs. This is a great experience for our ITM 2015. From the Indigenous perspective we hope that we can contribute to the Good, clean and fair food of Slow Food.

PHIDARILIN URIAH, NESFAS Staff – I am very proud to be at Terra Madre because it is celebrates food in a valuable way.

The team not only displayed indigenous food items, handloom and handicrafts but also took part in various presentations apart from attending many.

Dorothy Syiemiong, made a presentation on – Ark of Tastes (NESFAS recently documented 100 from three states of NE India), Dharmen Gabil made a presentation on – Nutrition security, Chef Joel Basumatari made a presentation on Taste Innovation, Bibhudutta Sahu, made a presentation at SFYN@Terra Madre (Slow Food Youth Network) on issues pertaining to producers and the challenges that they face, Ms. Roibha Sayoo made a presentation on Wellbeing & Happiness, Kong Patricia made a presentation on Gender issues, Phidarilin Uriah had an interaction on SFYN, Janak Preet Singh made a presentation on School Gardens and Mr. Phrang Roy made a presentation on underutilized crops – Millet Network focus.



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