Linking Indigenous Food Systems with Soil Fertility


The 14th session of the United Nations permanent forum on Indigenous Issues is taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York from 20th  to 1st May 2015.

At a side event organised by the FAO, CBD, Government of Nicaragua, Tebtebba,
CAPDI, AIPP, and the Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty on 21 April 2015, a Panel of 5 international speakers to spoke on “Linking Indigenous Food Systems with Soil Fertility.”

Speaking on this occasion, Panelist, Phrang Roy, Project Coordinator,  The Indigenous Partnership for Agrobiodiversity and Food Sovereignty, said that for many indigenous communities, their local food system is not just for their own personal well-being or even food security. It is about their culture, pleasure and responsibility towards their environment and their future generations. Mr Roy said that indigenous communities have developed very strong bonds between planet, plate, peoples and culture. He further said it is this timeless bond that have made to preserve the gift of abundance that natures gives them – the gift of biodiversity and soil fertility. He stated that we cannot speak of linking local indigenous food systems with soil fertility until we fully understand this reality.  Giving several specific examples from North East India, the Philippnes, Indonesia  Mr Roy demonstrated how indigenous communities are experts in protecting and managing soil fertility. He called upon FAO to celebrate 2015 as the declared Year of the Soils by ensuring that this knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples are mainstreamed to develop win-win situations for the well being of all.




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2 Responses to Linking Indigenous Food Systems with Soil Fertility

  1. C.GREEN says:

    Good to see Ba Phrang representing NESFAS on the global platform and talk about our rich food heritage.
    Way to go NESFAS !

  2. Jimsi says:

    ITM was a great platform to connect with the Indigenous Community.

    Great Work from Mr. Roy.

    I hope Arunachal Could get along to join hands in this network.

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