Terra Madre Day at Laitsohpliah and Pyrda


Laitsohpliah RCLP/UP School and Pyrda Holy Family RCLP School celebrated Terra Madre day on 15th and 18th December, respectively. These days were selected based on the fact that the final results of the school children were declared on those days before the children left for their winter break.

5Teachers as well as parents joined in on the celebrations with the students. Interactive sessions were also organized where teachers and parents gave their insight on ‘Respect to Mother Earth.’ The children composed songs pertaining to Mother Earth which was shared with those present. The celebration acted as a platform to discuss at length about the importance of earth and its protection, which otherwise is not given so much attention and dedication during class.

4The highlight of the interaction was  when one of the students said ‘Mother Earth Sustains our life gives us everything we need. It gives us good and healthy food and medicine for sustaining our life, this terra madre day is a reminder of our duties to take care of Mother Earth.’

1This was followed by an eat-in traditionally called Bam Khana, where all (teachers, parents and children) enjoyed lunch prepared with locally available vegetables like Tapioca, mustard, sesame and radish contributed by the community.




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