About Us

NESFAS stands for the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society. The organisation attempts to bring together partners from different sectors that can help in the enhancement of agrobiodiversity, leading to food sovereignty.

As a platform, NESFAS believes that traditional ecological knowledge is equally important to modern science and therefore facilitates a mutually respectful dialogue for sustainable progress.

A special focus area for NESFAS in the facilitating of community-level networks to empower local communities to celebrate and defend their diverse food and agricultural practices and to have a say at local, national and international levels for food policies that will sustain their well-being and protect their lands, territories and resources.

NESFAS strives to promote the importance of local agricultural practices for livelihood and well- being of local communities. It does so by connecting people to the pleasure and importance of local food that is:

  • responsibly produced
  • protects environment and land
  • preserves biodiversity and cultural practices and knowledge,
  • enhances our health and the well-being of local communities
  • reaffirms pride in traditional culture and identity
  • recognizes the role of women as custodians of local cuisines and food ways