The Team

Pius Ranee, Executive Director

Janak Preet Singh, Sr. Associate, Livelihood Initiatives

Dr. Bhogtoram Mawroh, Sr. Associate, Research and Knowledge Management

Khraw Borlang Wahlang, Adviser, Innovation and Community Empowerment

Nangshanskhem Lyngdoh, Sr. Associate, Administration & Finance

Fabian M Dkhar, Administrative Assistant

Nangkiew Diengdoh, Finance Officer

Alethea Kordor Lyngdoh, Lead Associate, Communications

Merrysha Nongrum, Sr. Associate, Youth and Women Empowerment

Gratia E Dkhar, Lead Associate, Agroecology and Training


Badarishisha Nongkynrih

Badarishisha Nongkynrih, Lead Associate, Food and Public Health Services

Chenxiang Marak, Sr. Associate, Garo Hills and Nutrition

Stefan W Lyngdoh

Stefan W Lyngdoh, Research Assistant

Jakrimre Ch Momin, Research Assistant

Wayoolang Talang, Research Assistant

Wankitkupar Fernando Nadon, Research Assistant

Bankerda Chyne

Bankerda Chyne, Field Coordinator

Naphishisha Nongsiej

Naphishisha Nongsiej, Field Coordinator

Ruth Sohtun

Ruth Sohtun, Field Coordinator

Silkatchi Sangma

Silkatchi Sangma, Field Coordinator

Aurilia Tariang

Aurilia Tariang, Field Coordinator (Mei-Ramew Weaves Sector)

Lamphrang S Shabong

Lamphrang S Shabong, Field Coordinator

Bashisha Kharsahnoh, Data Entry Operator

Jessica Rani

Jessica Rani, Office Attendant

Regina Ranee

Regina Ranee, Housekeeping

Wankyrshan Warshong: Gardener

Arm Kharbuki: Gardener

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