Aman A•Song Farmers Market held in Garo Hills

The Aman A•song Farmers Market (3rd edition) was held on March 13, 2020 where communities from two blocks — Rongram Block West Garo Hills and Samanda Block East Garo Hills namely Bibragre, Darechikgre and Darebokgre from East Garo Hills took part in.

The women group from Balgito SHG and Chibisik SHG participated in the farmers market where they sold their fresh produce and value added products.

Deputy Commissioner, West Garo Hills Ram Singh, while attending the farmers’ market, said, “It has always been a unique way of NESFAS to preserve and promote indigenous food system through the farmers market. Not only are they are promoting Indigenous Food System but they are also helping the communities to value local seeds through CSB.” He added, “This time the packaging of the products are commendable. If karchi can be produced more then this could replace soda in the market.”

Deputy Commissioner West Garo Hills Ram Singh attends the Farmers’ Market at Police Parade Ground, Tura

Karchi traditional vinegar sold at the Farmers Market

Members of the bamboo school, who are youths of Darechikgre, sold several products and several musical instruments while to preserve traditional musical instruments.

Bamboo products on sale

Visitors at one of the stalls

Silchira Ch Marak, a custodian farmer, said, “We are surprised as to how people are enthusiastic to buy fresh produce. I think with the help of NESFAS we can get many direct interaction with consumers to know their needs and demands of fresh food direct from the farm and forest, as well.”

Custodian farmers at their stall



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