Mei-Ramew Culinary Contest- 2nd edition


  • Participants will have to cook with vegetables brought from villages for the farmers’ market, which will be held on the same day. The vegetables will be available in the morning at the venue. The list of vegetables will be available 4 days before the event so you can plan the food items.
  • Two dishes will have to be prepared.  One veg (starter) and one non-veg (main dish). 
  • Participants will not be allowed to buy their vegetables before hand. However, condiments, garlic, ginger and onions can be brought from outside.
  • Plate and prepare food for 3 people.
  • Participants will have to bring their own utensils for use and for presentation of food. However, a gas stove and water (for cooking and washing) will be provided by NESFAS. 
  • A brief orientation programme will be held five days before the contest (the NESFAS team will contact the participants regarding the time). 
  • Judges will assess the process of cooking as well as the final food prepared and presented. 
  • The criteria for judging will also be announced prior to the commencement of the contest on that day.
  • Participants will have to sign a consent form on the day of the competition where the winners will have to be part of a cooking show produced by NESFAS.



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