Mei-Ramew Farmers’ Market- July Edition 2019


The Mei-Ramew Farmers’ Market- July Edition shifts to All Saints Hall, IGP 

Featuring communities from:

Umsawnoldhi, Ri-Bhoi

Mawpynthymmai, East Khasi Hills

Nongwah, East Khasi Hills

Pyrda, East Khasi Hills

Laitumiong, East Khasi Hills

This time, you will find:
*Chemically free vegetables
*Wild edibles

*NESFAS Kitchen:
-Mawlum mawjahksew: Traditional Khasi cuisine
-Laitsohpliah: Tea Stall with Local snacks
-E’Sal: Traditional Garo & Modern Progressive Cuisine

*Indigenous Seeds Exhibition
*Mei-Ramew Products: Weaves, Honey and Millet
*Fun time for children




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