Urban Youth Farming Programme


A special focus area for NESFAS in facilitating of community is to empower local communities to celebrate and defend their diverse food and agriculture practices and to have a say at local, Regional, National and International levels. NESFAS also strive to promote the importance of local agricultural practices for livelihood and well-being of communities. It does so by connecting people to the pleasure and importance of local food. 

Thus, it is important to promote urban youth to engage in farming practices in urban areas and other practices for producing fresh food or other agricultural products for them to understand   about the importance of IFS that plays a key role in food security. There are many different approaches to urban farming including rooftop farming, kitchen garden, vertical farming and other practicing method.


2020 has taught us multiple lessons due to COVID-19 pandemic . One is returning back to our basics i.e., farming/agriculture. People in the urban areas have been constantly depending on farmers for their food. Keeping in mind the challenges brought to us during this pandemic, it is important for youths in the urban areas to learn, know and understand farming practices. Having our own kitchen garden can keep us busy during our free time and also growing of crops organically can help families have a healthy food consumption. The main purpose of this programme is to impart knowledge and training to youths regarding urban faming. 


  1. Introduction of Urban Farming and Agrobiodiversity
  2. Session on urban farming (theory & practical)
  3. Field visits to selected villages
  4. Agrobiodiversity Walks

For application please fill in this FORM  Or contact at +91 97749 81872/+91-69092 77310 or email at infonesfas@gmail.com. 



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2 Responses to Urban Youth Farming Programme

  1. Dvonne says:

    We grow our own veggies, not a lot but quite a few varieties. It would be interesting to see if we can collaborate on this project.

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