Where is the love, if there is no food?

Originally published: Committee on World Food Security CFS44

Why do we eat food? Yes, food sustains us in all possible ways. But it can also be an ultimate goal for peace.

We often forget that food, clothing, and shelter are the basic needs of people. But it is a pity that many people do not eat, enough. That is not basic at all. There are also countries affected by conflicts and are facing food insecurity.

The CFS44 side event “Contributing to sustaining peace and conflict prevention: perspectives from agriculture, food security and nutrition” stressed that post-conflict societies are facing food insecurity. Also, they have a high risk of relapsing into conflict within a ten-year span, if food insecurity continues.

Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen, a panelist, observed that “Crises are man-made. Solutions can be man-made as well.” It’s a good point he raised. Why don’t we also look at local solutions? To contribute to sustaining peace and conflict prevention, Kyrgyzstan is focusing on building resilience by strengthening community bonds, paying attention to infrastructure, dialogue for peacekeeping, inter-community interaction and actions. Their conflicts are closely linked to resources, ethnic identity and cross-border issues.

Food security is a major focus of every country. Every nation is engaged in dialogues and policies and decision making on food security, both at the national and global level.

Phrang Roy, Coordinator of TIP raised a point “It is important to start paying attention to the marginalized communities who may face future conflict.” Point in case might be the struggle of the Rohingya refugees to get access to food and water.

Indigenous people constitute only a minor portion globally. It is important to support their food systems. Advocacy on local food consumption and focusing on local crops, and investments in local livelihoods is the best support they can receive. Solutions should be found at in the local context, to eventually prevent future conflicts.

The ultimate goal of food is peace. Let’s focus on food and build peace.

After all “Peace prevails when food suffices”, said Momofuku Ando.

Blogpost by Alethea Kordor Lyngdoh – #CFS44 Social Reporter – alethea.nesfas@gmail.com

This post is part of the live coverage during the 44rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security. This post is written by one of our social reporters, and represents the author’s views only.

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