Class IV- The Kids Kitchen

Dish_13th SepThe lessons got more complex as The Kids Kitchen Initiative entered stage IV on the 13th of September. Esther M Sawian from the flavour development department, NESFAS, who has been at the helm of this initiative introduced the boys of the Boy’s

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Home at Mawphlang to the methods of Marinating and Pan Broiling.

DSC_0323 (1258x1900)

Deffar Thabah, resident of William Lewis Boys’ Home an Esther M Sawian

The boy’s took a great interest in the dishes that were on the menu that day, particularly the one that involved marinating chicken breast in lemon juice, pepper and salt, garlic and coriander leaves as well as the detailed instruction on pan broiling a lemon chicken.

Apart from that, the class were assigned to overseeing smaller kitchen chores including the cutting of vegetables, taking correct measurements of ingredients and applying the what they learned in the last class.

Esther tells us that the boys have become more confident in the kitchen and have retained their lessons from the previous classes. “I believe these will be lessons learnt for life,” she states.



Nesfas on Youtube
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