Farm on wheels in Laskein C&RD Block Jaintia Hills

Robinus Syngkon MDC of Raliang constituency on Monday launched the first “Farm on Wheels” in the presence BDO Laskein C&RD Block Dr Bright Star Langbang, leaders and member of Society for Urban & Rural Empowerment (SURE) at Mulum Village, West Jaintia Hills District.

The project was initiated by Society for Urban & Rural Empowerment (SURE) in collaboration with North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) at Mulum village under Laskien Block, West Jaintia Hills.

Addressing the gathering Robinus Syngkon said, “In the past people were healthy and lives longer because of the food they eat and our forefathers eat fresh and pure food free from chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers and that is why they were healthy and live longer.”

Lauding the village for its feat in producing vegetable, he also said that Mulum and the villages nearby like Mookyndeng and Nongkynrih are known for famous for producing varieties and a huge quantity of vegetable these villages sell their products not only in the village nearby by their produce reach even to places like Raliang and Jowai.

The project is one of the component of the “No one shall be left behind: initiative” project which is supported by REC and implemented in some villages in Meghalaya and Nagaland.

Farm on wheel is a project in which farmers sell their produce at their doorstep and people will not require visiting the crowded vegetable market, as they can shop right where they live. The initiative is considered timely as the country is encouraging the social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Fresh produce on the Mei- Ramew farm wheels truck

Farm on wheel is run by the Iaraplang (PGS) Participatory Guarantee System group which had received a certification to produce organic produce. The objective of this program is that farmers groups can directly sell fresh organic vegetables from their farms to the consumers without a middleman and also to create a sustainable livelihood opportunity for the farmers involved.

Dr. Bright Star Langbang, BDO Laskien Block in his speech said “Mulum and many other villages in the Laskein block are progressing because they are receptive of new ideas and programs.” He also praised the community for their participation in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and urged those presences to adapt to the behavioral change that was made obligatory by the pandemic.

Community members buying farm produce of the Mei-Ramew Farm on Wheels

Hamsniawpher Suchiang, Convener of PGS group, Dicky Suching Secretary of Dorbar chnong and H.H.Mohrmen secretary of SURE, members of (PGS) group, SHGs, ASHA, Anganwadi, Youth club and Teachers took part in this program.

Riviancy Suchiang, member of the PGS group offered a vote of thanks. The entire program was held inside community Hall as well as following the SOP.

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