Local Mei-Ramew Festivals


Lyngam Mei-Ramew Food Fest 2014. Photo: NESFAS/ Rahul Antao

A number of Mei-Ramew (Mother Earth) Food Festivals were initiated in the villages that celebrated and highlighted unique crops that are disappearing and cuisines that are almost being forgotten.

The events brought together communities that are now part of the NESFAS network. This strengthened existing contacts between the communities highlighted the value of local foods and reinforced the need for community-based action. Greater awareness has been generated in the communities on the importance of local foods for food security and the well-being of local communities.

The participating groups and visitors are now committed to reviving and revitalizing their food culture, and thus their agrobiodiversity. They have also initiated their own small events and are taking ownership in the preparations of the Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM) 2015. Custodian farmers who are unique in their ways of promoting, protecting and maintaining a large amount of biodiversity have also been identified during these festivals and are recognized and involved as important partners for the preparations towards ITM 2015.

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