Food Security and Nutrition through Forest and Family Farming

Co-organised by FAO and the FFF in partnership with the Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty and the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development, the side event on ‘Forest and Family Farming for Food Security and Nutrition’ was held on Thursday 16 October 2014, during the Committee on Food Security on the World Food Day. It demonstrated the interconnection of forests and farms at the landscape level. It emphasized the important role of forests and trees in family farming and food security through the direct provision of nutritious food and by maintaining sustainable agricultural systems, thus ensuring local livelihoods.

During the event, NESFAS Chairman and Coordinator, Indigenous Partnership for Agro-biodiversity and Food Sovereignty, Mr Phrang Roy, spoke on the interconnection between indigenous peoples and their farms and forests and how they used their traditional governance systems to bring the two together to create a situation which is good for their well-being. Mr Roy vocalizes his belief that Indigenous Peoples have a lesson for all of us today as we try to search a way forward to overcome some of the crisis that we face today.




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