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Cooking came naturally to Fabio Antonini, and at 13 he was already working at his uncle’s restaurant in Rome in his spare time. When he went to London at 18, he decided to look for work as a chef, and it’s been his career ever since. (Source: www.slowfoodfoundation.com)

Currently, one half of the partnership running the Pianetta Terra, located in Amsterdam, Antonini ensures that his kitchen, which he in charge of, puts out a constant stream of food cooked using organic products and local ingredients.

Fabio, his partner, Laura, and co-founder of Pianetta Terra, Raul, collaborated with other colleagues to launch the Chefs Alliance in the Netherlands, an experimental project initiated by Slow Food Italy in 2010. Then called “Alliance between the chefs and the Slow Food Presidia”, the project is known today as Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance. Fabio thus became one of the first people to be part of this global network of chefs bent on defending food biodiversity.

On the 31st March 2015, Fabio together with the NESFAS Cooks Alliance will be the creators of innovative dishes that highlight local ingredients at the NESFAS office lawns in Laitumkhrah.
60 tickets are available for those who wish to take part in this unique experience.

This NESFAS Cook’s Alliance consists of a network of cooks and chefs who value the potential of traditional ingredients and are involved in the promotion of innovative local cuisines. Members of this alliance come from all parts of Meghalaya who are principally engaged in knowledge sharing, flavour experimentation and collaboration with projects or individuals who are interested in reconnecting people’s diets with what is locally available.

The event is also aimed towards opening up new learning opportunities for the members of this network of local chefs. It will mark another step towards fulfilling the Alliance’s meaning of knowledge sharing, taste celebrations and most importantly, the concept of food innovation, using local ingredients only.

For tickets to the event contact us at

Or email us at: info@nesfas.in






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