Mawkynrew block administration starts mini market to support farmers

After hearing several farmers’ cry for help, the Mawkynrew block level administration has decided to open the weekly market in an open field at Lum Rapleng twice a week. During normal circumstances, the market is usually opened at a crowded place in the community itself.

Several group members in the project villages of Social Service Centre (SSC) expressed their difficulty to sell vegetables and small-scale entrepreneurs have also shared that they have no sources of income because of the lockdown. The initiative of the block administration is open to everyone and this will enable everyone to sell their products.

Shidalang Nongbri, a member of the Jongksha PGS group, who was facing the same problem as other farmers to sell their vegetables, said, “It was a difficult time for me to support my family. With the help of this market, I am now able to earn something to support the family. I will forever be grateful to the block administration and SSC for this initiative.”

Reported by SSC



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