NESFAS facilitates academic publication of Mr. Nkululeko Nyoni

A reaearch article by Mr. Nkululeko Nyoni was published in The Journal of Global Communication, titled ‘Constraints of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Service (AEAS) Providers of Meghalaya in Nutrition-Sensitive Extension’. Mr Nyoni is currently working in AGRITEX, Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Resettlement, Umzingwane District, Zimbabwe.

This publication basically aimed at identifying the constraints of AEAS providers in Meghalaya, it did so by sampling 76 respondents who were asked to rate 13 possible constraints which the AEAS providers may face based on intensity. The constraints voted out for having the highest level of intensity were, ‘low priority for the community’; ‘lack of avenues and opportunities on nutrition extension’; and ‘lack of training materials and information sources’. 

The revelations of this study brought to light several problems in the existing system and stressed on the need to explore nutrition capacity building opportunities as well as the facilitation of multi-sectoral linkages among related organisations. The core objective of this study was essentially to undertake any agricultural extension activities in a nutrition-sensitive manner.

This study can be a holy grail for people who are interested in Agricultural Extension activities and more generally, for those who believe that nutrition-sensitive activities are a part of the future of agriculture; it is not just a vast source of knowledge but also an interesting one. NESFAS is glad to have been a facilitator for the work of such good stature and repute and congratulates Mr. Nyoni on this achievement and urges readers to click on the link provided below to access the study.





Abhigyan Chakravorty
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