NESFAS partners with nurses to support communities during pandemic

With cases rising rapidly among the communities of Meghalaya, our fight against the deadly pandemic draws on. But while we fight tirelessly on one front, the nature of life is also such that one powerful enemy doesn’t render all the other enemies null and void. As such, the fight against COVID-19 doesn’t mean we can turn a blind eye to the many other diseases that are at large. Any negligence in the normal health care services due to the focus of all our resources on the COVID-19 front can have disastrous implications. 

Recognizing the vulnerability of the partner communities to the COVID-19 virus and other diseases, NESFAS recently appointed four nurses who are in between jobs, to provide professional health support to these communities on a daily basis. The nurses, namely, Pdianghun Dohling, Bethsheba Synrem, Solinda Marbaniang, and Badahunlang Dohling have been assigned to work with the NESFAS communities of Sohra, Mawsynram, Ri-Bhoi, and Garo Hills Clusters as of now.

Since their appointments, the nurses have provided regular training and orientation to community facilitators, community health workers (ASHAs, Aganwadis), and COVID-19 committee members. They have also been working actively in conjunction with the community health workers to monitor, track, and slow down the spread of the virus whilst also looking after the mental well being of the community members. 

Pdianghun Dohling (Nurse) expressed her delight in the opportunity NESFAS has provided her to serve the communities and the local people. “By working with them, I will improve my experiences, communication, and my professional skills.” she further added. 

On the other hand, the hard work of the nurses also haven’t gone unnoticed among the community health workers with ASHA worker Kong Bisikrin Marwein of Mawlum Mawjahksew community praising the nurses for all the benefits they have brought to the community as well as to the community health workers.

“The journey of the nurses has moulded us for our greater good. They took each and every situation they encountered to bring so much knowledge (to the communities)” Trinilia Mynsong, an ASHA worker of Pashang community also added. 

In tandem with the appointment of these nurses, NESFAS has conducted various orientations, seminars, and review meetings to charter courses in the prevention of COVID-19.




Worngachan A Shatsang
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