NESFAS team guides communities on how to improve value added products

NESFAS Senior Associate Janak Preet Singh and Lead Associate (Health and Nutrition) Bdadrishisha Nongkynrih recently took part in a workshop organised by the Meghalaya State Rural Livelihoods Society (MSRLS) in Malki, Shillong, East Khasi Hills district earlier this month.

The workshop — Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Opportunities Through Local Food Systems —  focused on how local farmers and community members can benefit from the produce that is found around their communities itself. Along with NESFAS, there were other self-help groups and other village organisations from across East Khasi Hills, West Khasi Hills, West Jaintia Hills, and Ri Bhoi district as well. 

NESFAS team Janak Preet Singh & Badarishisha Nongkynrih representing at the workshop

The session of the day started with a brief introduction on NESFAS and its current project, the REC-funded ‘No One Shall Be Left Behind’. Janak Preet Singh spoke about how the organisation has tied up with 130 communities across Meghalaya and Nagaland and is currently working towards building a sustainable tomorrow. Following the introduction session, Badarishisha presented a slide show on the local foods that are found across several partner communities of NESFAS. 

Team NESFAS interacting with local community folks

After the session, Janak Preet Singh spoke about the livelihoods initiatives of NESFAS to help the participants understand entrepreneurial opportunities through local food systems. 

Following the presentation and talks by the NESAFS team, the SHG members along with the participants from the various communities presented their value-added products, which were considered ‘unique’ in their region. The NESFAS team then reviewed the products and gave their feedback regarding the products. 

“We reviewed the products and gave them productive feedback on how they could improve their products. We also spoke about how the participants could up their presentation and packaging and make them more appealing to the customers,” Singh said.



Damica M Mawlong
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