Nohron SHG helps vulnerable families during COVID-19 lockdown

Members of Snohktilang SHG distributing food items

Snohktilang SHG is a Self Help Group (SHG) from Nohron village under Mawkynrew C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District, that was formed in 2017 with ten women members.

The group has a practice where each member saves Rs 10 per week in order to raise funds and also through other innovative ways of enhancing the corpus fund of the group.

The main activities that the group have been doing are: savings, lending and is also involved in cleaning drives, tree plantation during world environment day,  raised awareness among the community members  on social evils like early child marriage, alcoholism, etc.

During this time of lockdown in our state, our country and the world at large due to COVID-19 pandemic, many people are struggling with food especially the poorest of the poor from the villages. The SHG members, on seeing the struggle and hardships being faced by the vulnerable families, could not turn a blind eye but to help the people who are in need. On April 14, 2020  Bahun Lyting, President of Snohktilang and all the members of the SHG have taken the initiative to help three households by distributing rice, sugar, salt, pulses, mustard oil ,etc to the three vulnerable households in the village.

While interacting with one of the group member, she said, “It has been in the group motto to respond to social needs and to have a social responsibility.”!This is just beginning and the group hopes that they can plan to do better in future to help the villagers in time of need.

Conclusion: The action taken by the Snohktilang SHG has moved and touched me personally and I hope it will inspire others as well. The take away lesson from this is that it doesn’t mater how big or small you are, we can always help and contribute for our community during times of needs.

Reported by Bankerda Chyne: NESFAS FC Mawkynrew Block.



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