Nongwah farmers motivate PGS groups from across Khasi & Jaintia Hills

The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) label is an internationally approved mark of quality organic produce and has gained immense value over time; NESFAS has identified and formed 46 local PGS groups and in this regard, an exchange and exposure visit was conducted on the 29th of March, 2021, wherein seven communities of East and West Jaintia Hills and one from East Khasi Hills visited the Nongwah Community.

Kong Kristina Rani, the Convener of the Hunlang PGS Group spearheaded the event and brought to everyone’s attention the eagerness of the farmers in converting their land to facilitate the output of organic produce. Besides discussing their work, the fact that PGS has played such a vital role in uplifting the livelihood and self esteem of farmers was also discussed.

PGS farmers from various parts of East Khasi Hills West Khasi HIlls & Ri-Bhoi, taking part in the exposure visit at Nongwah.

A melodious Phawar (couplet) refreshed the minds of the participants after which the attendees visited kitchen gardens, school gardens, Farm on Wheels (FOW) and the Agroecology Learning Circle (ALC) gardens of some of the PGS members which led to dissemination of valuable information on the process of facilitating organic farming; Kong Kristina Rani even shared the process of making Berkeley Compost and generously shared the compost to three school gardens of Nongwah. 

The exchange programme ended successfully with an enthusiastic discussion among the attendees and members which proved to be a productive one.




Abhigyan Chakravorty
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