Taste Workshops

Have you ever thought of “what does my food sound like” or would you guess the feeling of a purple bean without seeing it? Have you ever wondered why we love intense flavours such as fermented beans or local spices that give us a tingling feeling on our tongue? This is exactly what sensory education is about; the rediscovery and appreciation of our collective heritage and diversity in all its facets.

Taste triggers our gustatory senses and takes us on a journey through the collective memory of a unique place and introduces us to the skills of our quality food producers. This is why NESFAS has taken Slow Food’s creative idea to engage people in workshops and games that are a reminder of the incredible diversity of our foods through sensory education. The highlights of these sessions are the practical classes on smelling, tasting, touch and hearing. Of course sight is important too; especially when it is through sight that we first get attracted to food. This interactive approach is the key to make participants, especially children, develop an appreciation for their unique and local foods.

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