Pollinators’ Network


Photo: NESFAS/Raisa Daimary

Although in an emerging stage in the North East, NESFAS envisions stronger networks of beekeepers in the near future. The Kshaid Beekeepers Society has agreed to step on the platform of NESFAS to collaborate and further develop and strengthen the network. Meetings with other bee-keepers from additional districts are planned for the near future. Given the various culinary and medicinal uses of honey, NESFAS is working towards inserting Honey into the Slow Food Ark of Taste or Presidia.

Communities from Assam, Manipur, East Khasi Hills and Garo Hills have agreed to start the network through documentation and knowledge sharing. An initial meeting is foreseen before the end of 2013 together with NERCORMP district staff members. A training Workshop between FAO’s Chief Pollination Specialist and the indigenous participants took place in August 2013.

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