Pot-Luck on Terra Madre Day @ NESFAS HQ


The NESFAS staff eat in. Photo: NESFAS/ Raisa Daimary

10th december has been celebrated world wide as Terra Madre Day for the last six years. It is marked by celebration of traditional, Local and Indigenous foods mingled with the joy of sharing it.

Locally known as Mei – Ramew Day ( Mother Earth Day), Terra Madre Day is celebrated in solidarity with Slow Food network around the world. The day promotes the diversity of food traditions and production, and in sharing the various ways the day was celebrated, it shows how the network is using its creativity and knowledge to build a sustainable local food production with pride.

The success of the celebration is not measured by the scale but by how communities showcases their willingness to come together and celebrate food traditions and productions in events through collective meals, community food festival, workshops for children, excursions to casual dinner, farmers market, rally etc on the same day.

The NESFAS family observed the day by organizing an eat in with foods cooked with local ingredients.

In continuation of the celebration, in Mawphlang, a tasting exercise will be conducted on the 11th December with the Mawphlang Lewis Orphanage for boys. Some of the boys of the orphanage have been involved with NESFAS in an initiative that involves training in basic culinary skills developed over the last one year. The children there will be involved in a cooking class demonstration based on the theme of Mother Earth.

It is where NESFAS urges anyone who believes in the philosophy of Good, Clean and Fair Food to join in the global celebration in whatever way they wish this December to build a better food future within their means.

Join in the celebrations this year!

Sohniamtra with tyrso, a local recipe that celebrates the Khasi Mandarin. Photo: NESFAS/Raisa Daimary

Sohniamtra with tyrso, a local recipe that celebrates the Khasi Mandarin.
Photo: NESFAS/Raisa Daimary




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