Prickly Ash

Prickly Ash (Jaiur): Zanthoxylum from Northeast India comprises of a range of species belonging to the same genus as Szechuan pepper (Zanthoxylum). Jaiur is a characteristic culinary component of diverse tribes in Northeast India that stands out through its difference in appearance, aroma and taste. This spice has a distinct taste that assures a tingling and numbing sensation in every bite. Obtained by first sun drying and then separating the berries from the spikes. The aroma of Jaiur is composed as a mixture of citrus and peppery compounds that culminate in the typical tingling sensation on the tip of the tongue after some time. Jaiur is also used as a medicine for toothache and can be cured by applying the spice to the affected spot. Khasi communities traditionally use the leaves of Zanthoxylum khasianum on people bitten by mad dogs (to treat Rabies).