Session 2 Composting Workshop at Laitsohpliah: The 1st turning

The Rotation of the layers of the compost pile during the 1st turning is necessary to ensure active decomposition in all the layers. The top most layer of the compost is now placed at the bottom. While the inner-most layer of compost during the first session was compiled on top of the new compost hill.

Composting meghalaya

Image 1: Community members opening the stack of the compost pile.

Img 2

Image 2: White patches are formed known as actinomycetes on certain parts of the compost.

Img 3

Image 3: People compacting the pile after rearranging the layers of the pile.

Img 4

Image 4: The pile is finally compacted with soil on the top most layer.

Img 5

Img 5: Dr Carl O. Rangad, Vice Chairman (Operations) NESFAS giving a theory lesson to the community members.



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