SSC lends a hand to communities under Marmain area


Ration distribution

Field coordinators under the Social Service Centre (SSC) have recently distributed ration and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies to selected households from communities under Marmain area (Ri Bhoi district), with the help of the respective village headmen.

The ongoing COVID-19 lockdown has affected several communities nationwide and at the same time had a huge impact on several communities across Meghalaya. Farmers across the state have recently voiced their concern on how the lockdown has brought livelihood activities to a standstill. Farmers are suffering because markets are closed during this period and farm products which have been harvested by them like areca nuts, gingers, and betel leaf are lying in their backyards and store rooms as they do not have proper resources to store them for a longer period of time.

There were no economic activities that took place in the villages and during this time, community members are turning back to eating wild edibles and local river fishes.

SSC has always been a part of several communities for the past eight years now and helps in developing better health conditions and food sovereignty. Some families under Marmain area, which comprises of approximately 16 communities, are very poor and do not have sufficient food and most of the families depend on daily wages to run their families. During the lockdown period, the families have complained about the difficulties they are facing, as they have to manage with two meals a day now.

Fr. Bernard Laloo, Director of SSC, had reached out to the communities and lent a helping hand to 125 families in the 16 villages under Marmain area. While distributing ration, face-masks were also provided and an awareness programme was held about the importance of social distancing, demonstration of handwashing techniques, according to the government guidelines preventive measures.

One of the beneficiaries, Puni Teron (54) expressed her gratitude to SSC for its help during the lockdown period.



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