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Research team represents NESFAS at 2-week global Climate Change webinar

The NESFAS team attended a climate change webinar from November 18 to December 1, 2020 hosted by the Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi. Senior Associate (Research) Bhogtoram Mawroh and Research Assistant Stefan Lyngdoh whp attended the two-week bworkshop — An Introduction to Climate Change: Science, Politics and Impacts Continue reading

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NESFAS joins the movement #GlobalClimateStrike

As hundreds of people join the global climate strike, the NESFAS team gathered together to unite with the rest of the world to fight against climate change. The #globalclimatestrike is happening RIGHT NOW across the world. Be part of the action today … Continue reading

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How India can learn to tackle climate change from its indigenous communities

How India can learn to tackle climate change from its indigenous communities Continue reading

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India air pollution ‘cutting crop yields by almost half’

Researchers analysed yields for wheat and rice alongside pollution data, and concluded significant decreases in yield could be attributed to two air pollutants, black carbon and ground level ozone. The finding has implications for global food security as India is a major rice exporter. Continue reading

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Climate change and the Catholic Church

Like Pope Francis, religious leaders of all major religions are urging us to fulfil our moral responsibilities to the future of Earth Continue reading

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