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NESFAS takes active steps to combat COVID-19 in local communities

NESFAS is reaching out to different communities within Meghalaya and Nagaland to spread awareness and to positively encourage community members to consider the COVID-19 vaccination.

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Self help is the best help – Indigenous farmers stand strong against economic slowdown

Farm on wheels, an initiative to sell local produce has enabled the farmer groups to access diverse local markets in a decentralized manner. In doing so this initiative has set an example to all other farmer groups collaborating with NESFAS in Meghalaya and encouraged them to adapt it and take it forward in their areas. Continue reading

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COVID 19-oni Tangrikani: NESFAS Advisor-ni Talatani

NESFAS dol jensalo u∙iani rongdikan gapgipa aro Ku∙pattigipa aro skie ra∙anina, niksamsoe nama ja∙ku de∙dilanina aro dingtanganiko ra∙bana chol on∙gipa, Pa Rathindra Nath Roy, porikka ka∙e nianio positive ong∙e sal 17-na quarantine dongani ja∙mano COVID-19 negative ong∙aha ine parakaton ritchengatako … Continue reading

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Ka Jinglaitim na u COVID-19: Ka jingpuson na u nongaijingmut jong ka NESFAS

Ka kynhun jong ka NESFAS ka la sngewkmen bad sngewsting jingmut hadien ba u nongaijingmut, u ba long ruh ka tyllong jong ka jingshemphang bad u nongiarap ha ka liang ban ai jinghikai, ka buit pyrkhat bad ka jingkylla, u … Continue reading

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Surviving COVID-19: A reflection by NESFAS Advisor

The NESFAS team was relieved when their go-to pool of wisdom and Advisor and facilitator of learning, strategic thinking and change, Mr. Rathindra Nath Roy, after testing positive came out of a 17-day quarantine and was declared COVID-19 negative. As … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols Training: A SIRD & NESFAS Collaboration

A few months ago, the world was hit by a global pandemic, taking everyone by storm and severely impacting various regions. Meghalaya has seen an ascent in COVID-19 positive cases, almost at a rapid pace in its the capital city of … Continue reading

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