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Cocoon Dyeing Training Programme for larger and faster Eri Yield

A follow up visit to Khweng, Ri-Bhoi was conducted on the 27th of August 2021 regarding the Cocoon dyeing training, which is part of the previous training programme in December . This training programme was conducted to essentially try out a new approach to dye the Eri silk which would eventually result in faster production of the same Continue reading

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Two community members learn the art of Eri-Weaves at 55 & 65 years

‘Age is just a number’ is a common saying that we have all heard or have come across in today’s day and age. Fifty-five-year-old Wing Lamare and 65-year-old Elistra Lamare are two senior citizens of Madanrtiang community, Ri-Bhoi district who are popularly known to have devoted their entire lives to rearing silkworms from a very young age.
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Safety with Style: Indigenous Eri Silk Masks from Khweng

The ongoing pandemic has everyone contemplating their mask experiences now more than ever. Until the past few months, masks were associated with dust allergies, health professions and style statements, but now they are a necessity to fight an infectious virus.The … Continue reading

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Local artisans represent Meghalaya at the 2018 International Conference on Handlooms

Local weavers and embroiderers from Meghalaya are presently taking part in the week-long training-cum-awareness international conference on handlooms called the “Chenetha Chetikala Sambaralu” in Chirala town, Andhra Pradesh from November 11 to 18, 2018. This conference serves as a platform … Continue reading

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Threading Narratives

Article by: The Shillong Times By Willie Gordon Suting There has not been much research on textiles of Ri Bhoi district. Anna Louise Meynell sought to dig deep into this subject with the desire to promote and spread awareness. Her … Continue reading

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