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Beating ‘Industry Logic’

If every decision that we make can be assumed to be a vote for the kind of world that we choose to live in, then choosing to have ‘slow food’ as opposed to eating ‘fast food’ might be instrumental in saving our planet (for a responsible handover to the future generation). Continue reading

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Chef Fabio Antonini & NESFAS Cooks Alliance Come Together

Chef Fabio’s met the NESFAS Cook’s Alliance today. The brief session began with Fabio sharing with the 10 cooks hailing form various villages of Meghalaya how his restaurant in Amsterdam was born. “When we started Pianeta Terra, we wanted it to be … Continue reading

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Local Ingredients, Global Flavours  

On the 31st March 2015, Fabio together with the NESFAS Cooks Alliance will be the creators of innovative dishes that highlight local ingredients at the NESFAS office lawns in Laitumkhrah.
60 tickets are available for those who wish to take part in this unique experience. Continue reading

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