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Farm on Wheels Initiative continues to support local livelihood in Garo Hills

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected both demand and supply chain of commodities among the rural areas and has caused regular markets to function partially in accordance to the protocols imposed by the government, thereby causing economic hardships for many.
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Amidst the pandemic, local foodpreneur notches a step ahead

Ever since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in the early months of 2020, the world as we know it has changed forever. With strict lockdown administered in many countries worldwide, industries and economies have been hit hard and low during the first wave as well as the second wave. Continue reading

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Bamboo School: Uplifting the livelihoods of local traditional artisans in Darichikgre

The surge in cultivating bamboo for architectural and handicraft purposes is evident in various parts of northeast India; particularly in the quaint village of Darichikgre Continue reading

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Waste to Wealth: Beekeeper turns organic waste into extra income

Earlier this year, the NESFAS team had organized a Berkeley composting training, under the Rural Electrification Corporation Foundation (REC)-funded project ‘No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative’ Continue reading

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COVID 19-oni Tangrikani: NESFAS Advisor-ni Talatani

NESFAS dol jensalo u∙iani rongdikan gapgipa aro Ku∙pattigipa aro skie ra∙anina, niksamsoe nama ja∙ku de∙dilanina aro dingtanganiko ra∙bana chol on∙gipa, Pa Rathindra Nath Roy, porikka ka∙e nianio positive ong∙e sal 17-na quarantine dongani ja∙mano COVID-19 negative ong∙aha ine parakaton ritchengatako … Continue reading

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Aman A•song Café owner pioneers using local ingredients in the kitchen

Local resources and local ingredients are a fundamental step towards an integrated indigenous food system. Hendri G Momin, café owner of Aman A•song (Mei-Ramew Café), Garo Hills, launched the café in 2019 after the intervention made by NESFAS. Momin has … Continue reading

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