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The Bee Effect: Bees’ role as pollinators, producers of a superfood, and the impact of climate change

Pollination is one natural process, second only to photosynthesis that decides the future of the ecosystem. Three out of four crops across the globe depend, in some way, on pollination for successful human use; they not only contribute to healthy diets but also to maintaining and nurturing biodiversity on earth. Continue reading

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Save Umngot Today, Save A Generation Tomorrow

The Civilizations of man were moulded, shaped and breathed into life from dust through the ebb and flow of the mothers of civilizations – the Nile, the Indus, the Tigris and Euphrates. Empires and kingdoms have erected from free-flowing water … Continue reading

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This Earth Day, Away from Pollution, Towards Solutions

Earth day, 22nd April, is a day where we inspire more awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural gifts. It now takes place in more than 193 countries around the world. On this day, the world would encourage everyone to turn off all the unwanted things away. Continue reading

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Umsawwar community and NESFAS stand tall against Umngot Hydro Electric Project construction

The year 2007 marked the inception of the Umngot Hydro Electric Project construction when initially survey started taking place. Umsawwar community, of Mawkynrew C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills, which presently homes 529 people, has always been at the forefront of protesting against this project since 2012 till date.
Continue reading

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International Day Of The World’s Indigenous Peoples 2020

STATEMENT OF NESFAS/THE INDIGENOUS PARTNERSHIP (TIP)  As we commemorate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, let us not forget that supporting Indigenous Peoples is not only a social good; it is also a sound development policy. Defending the … Continue reading

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A cultural heritage under threat and under valued

Originally published: Committee on World Food Security CFS44 “Indigenous people believe that Man belongs to the World; civilized people believe that the World belongs to Man.” Daniel Quinn There are only 370 million indigenous peoples in this world. And they safeguard … Continue reading

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