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Ka jingkren na ka bynta ban wanrah jingpher ha ka Pre-UN Food System Summit: I Bah Phrang Roy i kren shaphang ka jingkordor ka rukom rep tynrai

Kum shi bynta jong ka jingtreikam ba la tip kum ka Decade of Action ban poi sha ka thong jong ka Sustainable Development Goals kat ha ka snem 2030, u UN Secretary-General, u António Guterres ula khot pynlong ïa ka Food Systems Summit ha u Nailur mynta ka snem. Continue reading

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Game-changing dialogue at UN Food Systems Pre Summit: Bah Phrang Roy highlights the value of Indigenous Peoples’ food systems

As part of the Decade of Action to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres has convened a Food Systems Summit scheduled for September this year. Continue reading

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Indigenous Peoples at the forefront of the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit: “Indigenous Peoples’ food systems are a game-changing solution to ensure more sustainable food systems”

“Indigenous Peoples’ food systems cannot be characterized according to dominant conceptualizations of food systems or value chains. Our food systems comprise different values, systems of governance and cultural relations to food” highlighted Anne Nuorgam, Chair of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Continue reading

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Strengthening biodiversity at the grassroots

Ever since its inception in 2012, NESFAS has played a major role in the preservation of indigenous food cultures and traditions in the North East of India, especially in Meghalaya. Over these years, NESFAS has worked relentlessly to fulfill its mission of highlighting the connection between sourcing tasty, healthy, local foods and the responsibility one has towards the protection and preservation of the agrobiodiversity that produces these foods.
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Ka jingiaid lynti ki nongri ngap Meghalaya ha FAO, United Nations

Ka dei ka sien kaba nyngkong duh ban pynsngew haka pyrthei ia ka jingiaid lynti ki nongri ngap na ki rilum Khasi Jaintia. Ia ka jingiaid lynti ki nongri ngap la pynpaw pyrthei da U Bah Phrang Roy, uba dei u bongseng jong ka NESFAS ha ka jingrakhe ia ka sngi kyrpang ki ngap kaba la pynlong da ka FAO jong ka United Nations ha ka 20th Tarik, Jymmang,2021. Continue reading

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The voices behind our local biodiversity movement

The International Day for Biological Diversity, 22nd May 2021, commemorates a day to highlight important issues surrounding Biological Diversity and raise awareness for the same. Variety of life on the planet is on a gradual decline and initiating a conversation about this is the need of the hour. Continue reading

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