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Revival of Khneng embroidery in Mustoh village

The genesis of the word ‘Khneng’ (local Khasi word) basically means ‘border’. The inspiration for the embroidery comes from a local insect in the surrounding called ‘ktiar’, which resembles a centipede. A single line of a thick band is stitched on one side of the ‘jaiñpïen’ (a wrap-around) vertically. Continue reading

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Khneng embroidery competition concludes on National Handloom Day

The Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Textiles, Govt. of Meghalaya, in collaboration with NESFAS, concluded the “Khneng Embroidery Competition” on the occasion of National Handloom August 7, 2021 at Mustoh village, East Khasi Hills. Continue reading

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Celebrating the revival of Khneng Embroidery

Khneng embroidery is a 200 year-long tradition that is unique to Meghalaya and is also the only known traditional embroidery technique of the State. The word ‘Khneng’ roughly translates to ‘border’ in Khasi and the inspiration of the embroidery pattern is drawn from a local insect called ‘ktiar’ that resembles a centipede. Continue reading

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Khneng Embroidery Training Programme in Mustoh

The 2nd of March, 2021 observed a stepping stone in the expansion and furtherance of Mei-Ramew weaves in Meghalaya and the importance of having adequate and trained human resources to carry out the same. The NESFAS team ventured into the lush village of Mustoh to commence the training of ten individuals in the age-old artform of Khneng Embroidery. Continue reading

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Local artisans represent Meghalaya at the 2018 International Conference on Handlooms

Local weavers and embroiderers from Meghalaya are presently taking part in the week-long training-cum-awareness international conference on handlooms called the “Chenetha Chetikala Sambaralu” in Chirala town, Andhra Pradesh from November 11 to 18, 2018. This conference serves as a platform … Continue reading

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Traditional embroidery technique of Meghalaya- ‘KHNENG’

The only known village for Khneng embroidery, Mustoh village, is located near the Bangladesh border in Shella Bholaganj Block of East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya, India. It is situated 80km away from the State’s capital, Shillong. “The art of … Continue reading

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