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Success experiment: Khweng community member reaps new tomato variety

In the month of August 2020, as part of the ALC experiment, she observed a single young tomato shoot (different variant) sprouting in a spot where different tomato seeds were sowed in her kitchen garden. She removed the plantlet from its original place and sowed it in a different plot where the soil has been enriched with biomass, wood ash and animal manure and also receives ample of good sunlight. Continue reading

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Home Gardens: Pathway to Food Security, Economic Viability and Ecological Sustainability

For centuries, traditional home gardens are an integral component of food production for rural families. Considered as the oldest form of agroecosytem, it has evolved from the ancient practices of hunters and gatherers over time. The important characteristics of home … Continue reading

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Day III – Kid’s Kitchen Initiative

The third phase of the weekly cooking class programme initiated by NESFAS at William Lewis Boys’ Home, Mawphlang, took off successfully on the 23rd of August despite the absence of the caretaker, the warden and of three of the boys … Continue reading

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Kids Kitchen initiative – the Mawphlang Chapter

Armed with cookeries and good intentions, the NESFAS team comprising of Rahul Antao and Esther M Sawian on Saturday, the 26th of July 2014, took the scenic ride to the William Lewis Boys’ Home at Mawphlang to impart to some … Continue reading

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