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A transparent look into beekeeping: Voices from Indigenous beekeepers of Meghalaya

To commemorate World Bee Day 2021, NESFAS reached out to a few beekeepers from the partner communities. These- individuals have been in the eye of the storm for quite a few years now and are well equipped with the information required to nurture and build a business around successful beekeeping. Continue reading

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The Bee Effect: Bees’ role as pollinators, producers of a superfood, and the impact of climate change

Pollination is one natural process, second only to photosynthesis that decides the future of the ecosystem. Three out of four crops across the globe depend, in some way, on pollination for successful human use; they not only contribute to healthy diets but also to maintaining and nurturing biodiversity on earth. Continue reading

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Meghalaya’s Resilience in the face of COVID-19: The Beekeeper’s story

‘Bees’- the Earth’s busiest and most fascinating creatures—probably don’t realise the amount of work they do, and they do more than just produce honey. While these tiny insects go about causally foraging, they pollinate a significant amount of the world’s … Continue reading

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