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Potato Cheese Balls and Chives (Jaut) recipe

INGREDIENTS: 10 boiled potatos that have been mashed. Grated Cheese- 100 gm Tamirand Sauce(as per taste) Chives (Jaut)- 100 gm Spring onions- 50 gm Chillies -20 gm Salt (to taste) Oil Ginger paste   METHOD: Mix the mashed potato with … Continue reading

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Cooks – The Hidden Change Agents

by Rahul Antao 27000. This is the number of meals I have eaten in my life far. How do we come to this number? We all eat approximately 1000 meals a year. I’m 27 years old. So, in 27 years … Continue reading

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Recipe for millet pancakes
Good for our health and the environment,
fair to our local farmers

Recipe for millet pancakes 250g of finger millet flour 100g of wheat flour A pinch of baking soda A pinch of salt One egg 300 ml of milk 100 ml of water Preparation: Mix all dry ingredients first and then … Continue reading

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