Value Addition and Food Processing training for strengthening community entrepreneurs

Training Program on Food Processing  and Value Addition held in Khweng village; 7 trainees from Umsawwar village participated. 

NESFAS recently conducted a two-days training on Food Processing and Value addition for 7 members of the PGS group from Umsawwar village. The training was held to equip community members with the necessary skill and knowledge of value addition and food processing that can help secure their income and livelihood in the future. Held over the span of two days, 1-2 October, the training was given by resource persons from another community itself, by members of the Nangkyrsoi self help group, Khweng community. Most of the raw materials and ingredients involved during the training were also provided by the Nangkyrsoi group. 

Trainees from Umsawwar community

Participating trainees from Umsawwar Community

During the course of the two training days, step by step procedures for preserving different types of fruits and vegetables were practically demonstrated by the expert trainers. Apart from value addition, trainees were also trained on how to preserve fruits and vegetables for the off seasons through various processing methods. Trainees also actively participated in the training as the theoretical aspects of food preservation and value addition was accompanied by practical step by step processes. 

trainees partaking in the food processing training

Trainees getting a hands-on training for Food Processing

Making the training programs as informal and as interactive as possible, the constant back and forth of feedback and questions between the group of trainees and trainers facilitated in what was a very successful program for both groups. The group of trainees were successfully trained in the process of making Ginger Candy, Pickle, Wine, Jam, and Potato Chips. Another important takeaway for the trainees from the training was the orientation provided by the training coordinator Kong Merrysha Nongrum, Senior Associate, NESFAS, on how to proceed with FSSAI registration and licensing for any of their processed food products. 

Packaged Products

Packaged Products that are outcomes of the training

NESFAS aims to follow up with the PGS group members from Umsawwar in the near future with the expectations that the trained members will go on using their skill in processing and adding value to their local produce as well as train other group members and youths in the same. Efforts have also been made to facilitate continued future support from the Nangkyrsoi group for any further help that the community may require in food processing and value addition.



Worngachan A Shatsang
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